Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom

It feels great to have my ideas on teaching teens finally together in a coherent collection.

I am happy with absolutely everything about this book, from start to finish.

My aim was to create a readable discussion on the principles of teens teaching - and I really do think we have got there.

There are twenty-four chapters, three hundred pages and a number of downloadable resources such as templates and question banks - so there is plenty to be going at. 

Throughout the book there is an emphasis on how we talk to our students and dozens upon dozens of examples of real teacher to student exchanges to ground the ideas covered and to locate them squarely in the classroom.  

Apart from illustrations and section headings, the narrative flows uninterruptedly, with questions for reflection and follow up tasks moved to the end of each chapter. It is therefore, I hope, something that could be enjoyably read on a train, terrace or in the shade of your favourite tree. 

The book can be purhcased directly from Pavilion here.

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